Friday, January 27, 2006

Friend..come back

I believed that I had learnt it all but I have learnt nothing. Is the inside of my brain changing?

I dont want to turn this into any thing huge...but what happened between you and I, was major.I had never experienced something like that ever before...and didn`t think I was even that way inclined.

It began with some Gin...a slow ballad.....and....now I`m lost with what occured...

Will things ever be the same ?

Has the time come for me to say fuck you and leave, then grieve about why it`s come to this ? I don`t want to have the twisted dark thoughts I have..somewhat existant... in every corner of my mind.

Where are you ?

If you are near me would you lay your hand on me again but not the same way...i feel so down and confused. I just want 'you' back my friend.