Sunday, June 05, 2005

Who ?

He is hidden. His face is hidden but i know he carries an expression of pain. And I only see him when I`m alone. Where does he stand? In no particular place, he is just there where I am. So close, so agonisingly close.

I don`t hate him, I don`t love him-I just don`t know him. Why is he here? Why am I here ?

Sometimes I say something, and feel his eyes piercing through me, hitting something within me. I like to call it truth but it is so hidden from my own subconscious eye.

Sometimes the silence is too overwhelming and it leaves my soul in fear. It bites and suffocates me in its massive reality. He likes the silence, he is a part of the silence or the silence is a part of him.

Am I also a part of him?
Or is he a part of me?

I am afraid of him. I`m afraid he knows me too well. I`m afraid because I know I`m not trying enough and he knows that too. But I know little about him and I don`t know if I`m locked in by me or by him.