Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New number

Forget you. I wish I could. Forget what`s happened forget that I bore our blood through my loins. Now they are all that are keeping me here.If it wasnt for you id be soring in a dream taking another hit. Safe in the knowledge that Im defeated and in bliss totally oblivious to you and our created blood.

The little creatures are so innocent. I don`t want to tarnish that. The moment I feel that happening I`d rather be gone from this earth on the plane I ought to be,without you. Gone and forgotten,is what I desire.

I feel changes happening I don`t neccesarily want but know I need.For the sake of life here on this level I will say I want you to save me a place away from all the other clutter. You recently said in your words you already got over yesterday a while ago now. You said I should also cut loose as you have done. How can i ? Forget the hurt and every promise spoken and unspoken. It lingers like darkness all night everlasting. I hear the wispers within knowing that I am gone. I am here physically but not in a sense of existing in harmony. like I`m drifting in and out of spells of emotion of positive and negative contradictions. It`s a long road and the cold hard facts make for a destination unwanted. I think I did the best I could considering...

Forgiveness shall be the flavour of tommorow as we approach a cleansing season of a new number where I hope all will be left right here in the midst of time.