Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I wouldnt have minded

If you had stayed here tonight

Because I really

Just wanted to talk to you

or at least have you next to me

Near me

.....but at least I can cry since
youre not here.

I want to work it through

youre the first I ever

really gave a damm about

and now poison ivy

is coming between us

we dont talk

we dont fight

we dont cry

we dont laugh

we dont even grin much

except for 'grin and bear it'

the pain of wanting to say

I love you

is knocking on my head

but my heart wont answer

or is it my head ?

too much emotion and not enough logic

or too much 'the way it is'

instead of 'the way it could be'

all this and Im

left with one little remark

.......'I have nothing to say'
( when I have so much)

you say 'how are you ?'

it means 'I dont really want to know'

and I for the sake of politeness

say 'alright'

It means 'I know you dont really want to know so please dont hassle me'